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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Spooky Pirates

These spooky glowing pirate shapes look great fun & could have made an excellent cereal promotion in their own right. I saw this set for sale on a U.S. site, but as shipping over here was prohibitively expensive, I didn't buy one. I can make out a ship, a treasure chest and a skull and crossbones, so there's a link with the Spooks. I always wondered why Sidney was in a picture frame when he should have been on a mast!

And on the same theme, here's a terrific set of glowing skeleton pirates. Again, I've only seen these for sale in the U.S. and have been put off buying a set by the high cost of shipping. Non-luminous painted versions are readily available over here on eBay, though.

Kim's been following a similar interest and has painted a pirate figure using luminous paint, as shown below, first in the light and then glowing eerily in the dark.

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