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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dorling Kindersley Haunted House Sticker Book

You could use this as the basis for a Luminous Spooks mark 2 set. Good stickers: bat, suit of armour, Tudor lady. There is a skull in a frame or mirror as well. It could possibly be turned into a skull-and-crossbones by using some bones cut from the skeleton sticker provided. The clock sticker is not as shown on the front: different clock, with a Tarantula crawling up the case (not a common sight in British manor houses!). It would do, however. (In fact, the suit of armour is shown with a weapon on the front of the book, but it doesn't have one inside. The contents and cover seem to have been produced separately).

There are some small Caspar-type apparitions, but none big enough for our purpose. There is a figure in a white sheet, which could be used instead. DK also do a Ghosts sticker book, which may provide a more suitable sticker.

There is no witch or cat (apart from a cat's head!). I had hoped the DK luminous 'Witches and Wizards' book would be useful here, but was surprised and disappointed to see it has no suitable witch or cat pictures there either.

The diorama is very uninspired. A missed opportunity by DK, in my opinion.

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