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Friday, 4 November 2011

They're tiny..they're silly...they're friendly all right...They're fun in the day, they glow in the night!

Here's a website I came across recently. It's about a set of ghostly glow-in-the-dark figures, from the 1960s. The owner of the site is appealing for pictures and information. It may sound familiar, but , no it's not retromat enthusing about the Luminous Spooks.

The Kooky Spookys (sic) were a family of luminous plastic finger puppets with names such as Baby Spook'Em and Daddy Booregard. They even had their own cardboard house that they could be displayed in.

They're fun, 'cute' even, not scary. What is slightly chilling, though, is the hard-nosed sales campaign behind them:  Morning, Noon and Nite - Kids are going to be sold by Hasbro's multi-million dollar 1st quarter advertising campaign !

Oddly, they too seem to be very rare these days.

The TV ad has survived, but you have to buy it through the website. I promise that if ever I come across the Luminous Spooks TV ad, I will never resort to that!