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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ghostly Chessmen

Steve has kindly sent in more pictures of the chess pieces he made. They are truly excellent - the Spooks were never this scary! He says:

Perhaps you can feel the influence of the luminous spooks at the back of my mind when I made them.
By rights it should have been Algernon Suit of Armour as the Knight, but I picked Winnie, astride her trusty broomstick. As you know Alf inspired the apparition who takes the role of Rook. Sidney Skull and Crossbones was behind the pawns, and the Queen is loosely modelled on Tilly, although in this manifestation, she takes the form of a vampire complete with flowing dress, fangs and candlestick.
For the King I decided on a headless Tudor fellow, standing in front of a tombstone. Finally, in the role of Bishop is a monk, invisible other than for the habit he wears.
When I retrieved the figures they had a layer of dust which I thought added a twist of atmosphere, so I didn't polish them up before taking the photos. As far as I know the concept of a set of chess spooks is unique. I hope you find the pictures of interest.

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