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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Haunted House Halloween Magnetic Dishwasher Cover

Here's a terrific Haunted House scene, full of atmosphere, on sale from eBay seller ethelcole40 (item 251426109781) and others.

It's possibly a bit too big for a standard-sized European dishwasher though, so over here it may have to go on a wall instead.

Update on glow-in-the-dark vampire figures

I posted a while ago about these figures. Now I have just seen a set for sale on eBay, from seller nosferat4real.  They were made by (or perhaps for) Happiness Express Inc in 1992 and sold for $1 in Wal Mart. The picture is a smaller version of one from the auction listing (number 221360864895).

A quick search uncovered more information and pictures on this blog.