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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ghostly Chessman

Steve Moore writes: The spooks inspired me a few years ago to build a chess set with ghost chess men. The chess men don't follow the spooks exactly, but, for example, the rook (an apparition with chains) was inspired by Alf, and Winnie on her Broomstick was the knight. I made the figures from air hardening clay and used latex moulds around them to cast all 32 pieces from stonecast powder.

Here is the apparition figure that Steve re-discovered in his loft. Although it was based on Alf, he adds: you can see from the photos he's much less of a friendly character. Note also the chains.

It is a superb piece of work and would look fantastic in a haunted house scene. I really hope we can see the other pieces in due course!

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