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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Glow Globs and Glo-Juice

'Glow Globs' was the name given to a glow-in-the-dark 'play putty' type of toy that came with spooky moulds, including ones for a skeleton and a bat. Kim has brought this to my attention, having had the product in the early 1970s. A little digging around revealed that Glow Globs first came along around 1968, not so long after the Spooks. I'd never seen anything that could glow in the dark that wasn't green until recently, so was surprised to find out that even though it was produced 40 years ago, it came in different colours.

I'd never come across the toy before, but in looking up some information, came across something else made by the same company (Kenner's) at around the same time. This does look familiar to me: 'Glo-Juice'. I seem to remember having a bottle of the stuff and in spite of the name, it was a type of paint. I can't recall what I did with it, but am fairly certain I didn't try to drink it!

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