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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Glow-in-the-dark vampire figures

This picture comes from an eBay auction that ran last year. I would credit the seller, but didn't record their details.

The figures were incorrectly described as being from the Monster in My Pocket range. 6 are of interest: top row: a vampire emerging from a coffin, a male vampire with arms raised, a possible wolf-man and then a female vampire. On the second row, we see the figure in the coffin again, but this time in red plastic. These 5 figures would seem to be from the same manufacturer. The other one of interest is a vampire with bat wings, looking fantastically sinister in a whitish plastic. Perhaps this belongs with the other 5, perhaps it comes from a different range. Some of these figures were luminous - presumably the ones on the top row.

There's a clearer picture of one of the figures on flickr here.

If you can provide further information about these figures, such as who made them and when, please let me know!

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