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Monday, 9 May 2011

HO Scale Ghost Train

Here's a terrific item for sale on eBay from seller erniepz (

It's an HO scale model with electronic sound and LED light effects, as it turns out, that show it's relatively recent. The octopus seems to be an odd choice for a ghostly figure, don't you think?  I dug around and found this page about it:

The figures glow in the dark - perfect!

Here's a video...


  1. Love it! And one of my favorite Halloween sound effects - that is the same from those sonic controlled ghosts that started popping up in the early 90s I think?

  2. With that sound effect, I agree it could easily be from the early 90s or before (not so recent after all!). Much later than that, using the available technology would have allowed it to play recorded sounds. Upgrading the sound unit could be a superb enhancement, then.

    I don't think I've come across those sonic controlled ghosts - please tell me more!