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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Custom GID Aurora pieces

eBay seller blueskyhelper has a nice line in glow-in-the-dark pieces for Aurora/Polar Lights kits. I particularly like his Lily Munster. It's a conversion piece, i.e. a new design, for the Munsters Living Room kit and very good it looks too. It is shown on the left below. On the right is a non-glowing version.

Shown below at left is his glow version of the Forgotten Prisoner kit. As excellent as it looks, I just know I would never get around to building it. However, next to it is a smaller version, which I take to be all in one piece. Now, that one, I would like to buy.

However, the quoted shipping costs from the US are prohibitively expensive, so I won't be buying anything just yet. An alternative source for the Lily figure could be CultTVman, who has stocked it in the past and whose shipping charges I have found reasonable before now.

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