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Monday, 25 April 2011

Spooky Puffs

A special pack of Sugar Puffs has been produced for Halloween for 2010 and is called appropriately, Spooky Puffs. It was brought to my attention by Stewart, who says:

I studied the pack with high hopes to see if there was any mention of free gifts enclosed - little luminous figures maybe ? - but of course there was no such thing. Disappointed but not surprised. Still, it's a nice connection to the original issue even if hardly anyone who buys Spooky Puffs will be aware of it, and no-one would thank us for saying how much better things were 45 years ago.

Great name and good to see the Alf-type spooks. I'm not so sure about the lettering, though - it's gory rather than spooky. However, as Stewart says, it's a nice connection to the past and I do wonder if the presence of this website helped with the name in any way?! Read more about Spooky Puffs by clicking on the picture.

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