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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Spooky 'Cereal Box' Record

What a terrific idea - a record (the old-fashioned sort played on a turntable) printed on a cereal box. These seem to have been quite common in the US, but although here in the UK it was possible to get novelty records printed on postcards, for example, I don't recall ever seeing these as cereal give-aways.

This one is surprisingly good. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow given away with a cereal in the 1970s.  Just over 3 minutes of spooky thrills best enjoyed while eating a bowl of cereal just before bedtime on a dark stormy night!

As marvelous as the Luminous Spook promotion was, if only Quaker had somehow managed to fit a recording (perhaps the soundtrack from the TV ad) onto the cereal packet (along with the 3D Haunted Manor), it would have been perfect.